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    YouTube cover: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles

    Just a quick cover. My voice and energy level are still pretty weak, but this was fun to do. :)

    Original song: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles


    YouTube original: "I'm back"

    It's been too long. After 36 hours of hiking to and from Mt. Fuji, I was emotionally and physically broken for a couple weeks. Since then I've been sick from some bad food, so I haven't even had the energy to play. It's been over a month since I put up a new video. But suddenly I just knew I had to do this. It's really not good and it's perhaps my worst performance yet โ€” my voice and hands are still weak and out of practice โ€” but I think there's something here.


    YouTube original: "Anata"


    YouTube cover: "Reckoner" by Radiohead

    Possibly the last video for a while, since I'll be traveling โ€” and likely not have a guitar. Butterflies.

    Original song: "Reckoner" by Radiohead


    YouTube cover: "Don't Let Go" by Weezer

    Love this song. Catchy, beautiful melody, and fun to play.

    Original song: "Don't Let Go" by Weezer