"Karate" by BABYMETAL

Update: Goose house live stream recording ("Karate" performance at 45:30)!

I recorded a quick cover of "Karate" by BABYMETAL the other night after becoming consumed by it:

BABYMETAL was introduced to me less than a week ago. Seriously, check out the video for "Karate":

I find it fascinating that Japanese music — even metal — is upbeat and melodic, and often orchestral, in contrast to the angry screaming of American bands. I mean, cmon, in Japan even a bellowing super-beefcake wrestler-turned-rocker wears a dress and growls about the delicious food. Seriously, watch Ladybaby's "Nippon Manju" video:

Goose house is a group of incredibly talented and eclectic musicians. A friend introduced them to me last week. This is one on the first videos I saw of them:

They perform solo, in smaller groups, and all together. I stayed up extra late to catch their last live performance on USTREAM and was impressed by the diversity of the setlist and their flawless performance of some really creative covers...and one song in particular blew me away. They're really talented and inspiring. I only wish turning off the air conditioners wasn't a heath hazard this time of year. I'd happily spend more time recording and get better results without the obscene noise.

Goose house used BABYMETAL in part of an elaborate scheme to make me take interest in a genre that I've never really cared much for. Hopefully they upload the video of the performance to YouTube. (They did! See the top of this post.) It was truly breathtaking and unexpected.

There's actually a lot of hard-edged American music that I love, yet can rarely bring myself to listen to. It's just too damn negative, depressing, and/or angry (I'm looking at you, Trent Reznor, Mr. Nine Inch Nails). It's really refreshing to get some over-the-top riffage that's life-affirming. I love the journey here: from cheerful J-pop to heavy metal and back again. 🐺🤘💙